Friday, September 25, 2015

The world in my head is like….

·      *The green grass partly going yellow from the dry season… instead of dying it put more colors on the plate.
·      *The sky is blue and I can see the horizon, and yet I can see every single pattern in the sky. The cloud is not white but grey and yellow and yet its vibrant from the background. Even the moon come out and hang out although not for long, yes the cloud is moving and covered the moon.
·      *There is a black dog with a collar chilling in the building, yet unfinished, I don’t know if its male or female but what matter is… it’s a dog and its healthy and its enjoying life.
·      *I am watching the mountain, the mount Agung from where I sits, I see the whole rice field, green and inviting, it does give peace in my mind, that the world is such a beautiful place and I am in it.

I am dancing through my mind, through my eyes, through the bloods that runs in my veins, I do need the air so I keep breathing so I know I am a life! I don’t have hate and love relationships with myself; all I have is gratefulness!
I prefer people to shut their mouth if they have nothing good and nice to say.
I am done hearing opinion out of victimized souls. Yeah, they only know how to say pity me world and the world is bastard.

But who am I without others? Yeah I don’t need your answer! I love you and I love me that’s all that matters.

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